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November 2018

The Walsh Group's 2018 Matthew Myles Walsh Safety & Area Awards

Please join us in congratulating the 2018 Matthew Myles Walsh II Founder National Safety Award winners! We are excited to share these results with everyone. Once again, a “job well done” to all of our submitters as they continue to make these selections especially difficult. The efforts put forth prove that our Actively Caring culture is on display at our job sites across North America.

Four project winners were chosen among all projects throughout The Walsh Group. The four categories are separated by contract value: (1) under $25 million, (2) $25million -$70 million, (3) $70 million - $150 million, and (4) over $150 million. Projects were chosen where outstanding efforts of the management team and the tradespeople achieved exemplary safety performance. These selected projects implemented all aspects of the company safety matrix system in an extraordinary fashion.

Click on the images below to view the winning Project and Area submittals:

UNDER $25 MILLION: Union Pacific Railroad – Provisio Yard

Business Group Leader: David Shier
Program Manager: Michael O’Donnell
Safety Manager: Bradley Sutter
Project Manager: Brad Smetana
Superintendent- General: Frank Zabloudil
Superintendent – Pile/SOE: Kris Giba
Superintendent – Steel: Alex Williams
Project Engineer: Samuel Stull
Intern/Co-Op: Daniel Luchsinger
Administrative Assistant: Denise Tyrpin
Foreman – Laborer: Carmen Arnieri
Foreman – Carpenter: Brian Belke
Foreman – Pile/Sheeting: Andrew Lulinski
Foreman – Struct. Steel: Kevin Haas

$25 MILLION - $70 MILLION: KY-152 Over Herrington Lake Bridge Replacement

Business Group Leader: Brad Koester
Operations Manager: Gordon Barker
Program Manager: Brian Hoppel
Regional Safety Manager: John Coye
Site Safety Manager: Noah Holladay
Sr. Project Manager: Joel Halterman, Sven Nylen
Sr. Superintendents: Paul Bitters, James Neeley, Nick Puglia
Project Manager: Kevin Buch
Project Superintendent: Fred Tidstrom
Assistant Project Manager: Daniel Kleinhenz
Project Engineers: Meredith Oder, Noah Holladay
Project Surveyor: Jeremy Henry
Superintendent – Drilling: Roderick Eyres
Superintendent – Carpenter: Dominic Licari
Superintendent – Laborer: Matthew Williams
Superintendent – Iron Worker: Lester Hancock
Foreman: Max Shaughnessy, Jesse Schaefer, Chris Line, Rob Phillips, Brian Newdigate, Charlie Draper

$70 MILLION - $150 MILLION: Crosstown Parkway Extension

Business Group Leader: Kevin McGlinchey
Program Manager: Pat Goggin
Safety Manager: Yankyer Gomez
Project Managers: Joshua McDermott, Chris Brown
Superintendents: Cloyce Poling, Luis “Cujo” Machado, Wayne Bennett
Foreman: Cliff Lemonius, Wilmer Contreras, Robert Jackson, Steve Strom, Leroy Patterson, Kenny Anderson, Sophia Reed

OVER $150 MILLION: Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Business Group Leader: Tom Caplis
Program Manager: Tony Galullo
Safety Managers: Scott Boim, Gary Schoeffler
Project Executive: Kevin Stewart
Sr. Superintendent: Jim Major
Superintendents: Chris Aplicano, Steve Denaro, Dave Levy
Project Managers: Chase Agnoletti, Massimo Busterna, Peter Marsh, Lowell Short, Jim Vinson
Assistant Project Managers: Sarah Kragt, Dave McMaster
Project Engineers: Steven Brey, Zack Huan, Brandon Olson, Cody Stout
Project Nurse: Yonna Heath
Project Accountants: Jennifer Lindau, Wayne Parr
Project Admin: Melissa Hammer

MOST IMPROVED: Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project

Business Group Leader: Darrell Waters
Safety Manager: Richie Haehn
Project Managers: Jeff Mays, Chris Johnson, Marco Perez, Fariba Nation, Rick Felkins, Pat Pluenneke, Carl Christensen, Michael Bankes, Brett Campbell, James Helmick, Joe Coba, Kevin O’Dowd, Kyle Heckman, Jim Sumner
Superintendents: Fernando Barraza, Jeremy Hackney, Jared Shuey, Brad Wink, Terry Utz, Eric Garcia, Eduardo Aranda, Bradley Leonard, Dan Baneck, Jarrod Rodriguez, Gabriel Martinez, Albert Arrellano, Eric Hildreth, Darrell Brown, Ross King, Steve Nicholson, Jonas Murell


Click here to view the 2nd & 3rd place winners.



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